Skype consultations

If there’s an issue you need help with, and you’d like to discuss it more in detail, you can schedule a one-hour Skype phone consultation with me. Whether you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, your relationship is on the rocks, or if there’s a health related issue you’d like to discuss, we can get things moving in the right direction.

Currently, single email consultations are free for all newsletter subscribers, but if your situation needs immediate attention, or if you’d like a more thorough evaluation, you can book a Skype consultation for $53.

Why it works

Outside perspective

Many times, we don’t see things clearly from our point of view and it takes someone from the outside looking in to point out what we’re missing.


With all of the demands life brings to the table, it’s easy to feel lost at times. Someone with the right resources and information can help provide you with a sense of direction.


We’re often not the best judges of our own progress, decisions, or situations. Because of this, working with someone who can give you a healthy reality check is one of the most effective ways to ensure you’re staying on track.

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Frequently asked questions

Will our session remain private?

Absolutely. Only I will attend on my end and nothing will even be recorded. Your privacy is a high priority of mine.

If something requires further advice after the initial problem is resolved, can I check back in with you?

Yes, but this will need to be done through email. And because I don’t record anything, with time and other clients, you’ll also need to remind me of your particular situation.

If for some reason I’m not able to make the appointment and need to reschedule, will I be able to do so?

Yes. I book my appointments through Calendly and it will allow you to reschedule.