Mass Factor

Go from skinny-fat to muscular and physically fit in 12 weeks—even if you’re a “hard gainer.”

What you can expect:

Flexible instructions

Two routines specifically designed to help you build as much muscle as possible—while meeting the needs of your schedule.

Noticeable results

Transform your diet, develop sustainable workout habits, and go from skinny-fat to muscular and physically fit in 12 weeks.

Workouts and meals

12 weeks worth of workouts and meal plans, with alternate routines for busy schedules, and rest instructions for maximum gains.

I have been through long phases of lifting weights, but never seen the strength, endurance, and muscle gains that this program provided.

JP Sullivan Subscribed since 2019

Put on some solid muscle and become stronger

Mass Factor is a 12 week hypertrophy program that will change the way you approach your workouts and diet - it will add depth to your training routine, diet, and cardio workout making you grow bigger and stronger.

Mass Factor is designed specifically to help you get as big as possible in just 12 weeks—while being flexible enough to work with your schedule.

  • How to use flexible scheduling to consistently make progress building muscle and strength
  • How to eat the right amount and type of food so you can put on muscle quickly
  • The three phase plan to make progress with your lifting, while avoiding injury
  • How to bulk and go from skinny fat to buff with a balanced plan, using Mass Factor
  • The single best exercise program for creating the fundamentals for building muscle and gaining strength
  • The three types of rest periods and how to utilize for maximum muscle gain

Now, the missing ‘factor’ most workouts programs miss and why most “hard gainers” or skinny guys struggle to put on solid muscle:

Contrary to traditional belief:

❌ It’s not how much protein you’re eating…

❌ It’s not how much training volume you’re doing…

❌ And it’s not eating everything in sight…

💪It’s because of something called ‘Muscle Tension’.

Muscle tension is the amount of force produced in muscle fibers and is the main driver in getting bigger and stronger.

Every time you lift a weight, microscopic tears in your muscle fiber occur, causing your body to repair with proper nutrition and rest. This makes the muscle fibers larger and stronger to deal with more tension.

However, too much tension will make you feel sore for weeks, increases your chances of getting injured, and can also lead to fatigue. While too little tension doesn’t stimulate muscle growth.

Finding the perfect balance for your own body’s ‘Muscle Tension’ is crucial in growing bigger and stronger without any negative side effects. This is even more important if you have a busy and erratic schedule.

That’s where Mass Factor comes in…

I teach you everything you need to know to get the right amount of muscle tension despite possibly having an inconsistent schedule. I’ve done the research so all you have to do is follow the training program and watch your results through the reflection in your mirror.

It’s perfect for busy, hard-working professionals and college students who have irregular schedules, but still want to look and feel their best.

As long as you can dedicate at least 4x 45-min training sessions per week, this program is the right fit for you.

In 12 Weeks You Will:

  • Go from skinny or skinny fat to muscular and physically fit
  • Transform your diet to propel your gains to the next level
  • Redesign your entire workout schedule so you train regardless of your college or work scheduling
  • Obtain a newfound training program that reduces injuries and ensures sufficient training for making unstoppable gains
  • Eliminate time wasted training without a solid plan
  • Recover lost sleep and gain better sleeping patterns
  • Fix your mindset and stop setting unrealistic training expectations


Joe's 12-week transformation

So what are you waiting for?

If you want to add some solid mass to your frame…

If you want to get bigger and stronger…

If you want to eliminate the excuses out of your training routine…

If you want the confidence, respect, and attractiveness that comes with the gains…

Then Mass Factor is exactly what you need.

If you want a challenging bodybuilding program that will take your physique to new levels, Mass Factor is for you.

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Go from skinny-fat to muscular and physically fit in 12 weeks—even if you’re a “hard gainer.”